The Law Firm provides legal assistance in the following areas:

- litigation in criminal and civil cases,

- representation of clients in negotiations (also in order to avoid litigation),

- drafting agreements in selected areas of law,

- opinions on legal issues and draft contracts,

- elaboration of draft regulations,

- review of press and audio-visual material in terms of its compliance with applicable law,

- review of TV production in terms of its compliance with the directives of the EU Law,

- strategic crisis consultancy.

The Law Firm’s practice focuses in particular on the following cases:

- regarding the protection of personal interests – criminal (slander, libel, insults) and civil (for the protection of personal interests),

- in the area of press law and media law,

- regarding the publishing of corrections or replies to the press publications and audio-visual programs infringing personal interests,

- in the area of copyright (civil and criminal law), including computer software,

- unfair competition acts (civil and criminal law).

The Law Firm will not decline to provide legal assistance also in the following instances:

- serious criminal cases,

- civil cases (in selected areas),

- matters related with the protection or restitution of ownership (recovery of ownership title, obtaining indemnity),

- complex family cases.

In selected areas the Law Firm also works on administrative cases and cases before commercial courts.

As part of the crisis advisory activities, the Law Firm reviews press and other materials with respect to:

→ evaluation of opportunities for the success/failure of the potential court proceedings,

→ identification of direct and long-term threats,


→ development of the scenarios of situations threatening the interests of the institutional client or reputation of individuals,


→ recommendation of the strategy aimed at mitigating damages and protecting media image,


→ consultations regarding the media (press) facts and the proposals for the means of counteracting such facts.