Jerzy Naumann, advocate, graduated from the Faculty of Law, University of Warsaw (1979).

Between 1979-1981 he underwent court training at the Voivodeship Court in Warsaw (patrons, among others: Judge Anatol Derkacz, Esq., Judge Maria Szablowska, Esq. and Judge Stefan Plocienniczak, Esq.).

In 1981 he passed the judge examination, however, not taking up the position of a judge.

Between 1981-1984 he underwent advocate training [patrons: Jacek Wasilewski, advocate, next Wladyslaw Pociej, advocate, Ph. D.].

In 1984 he was entered on the list of advocates and since that time has been practicing:
– initially in the area of criminal and family cases (divorce, contacts with child, child support and alimony) and subsequently expanding the field of interest onto civil cases (rights in property – mainly recovery of former property, contract law and inheritance law).

In the 90’s he expanded his practice by the cases in the area of copyright and unfair competition law and (to a limited extent) business law.

Over time, the practice of the law firm has been focusing more and more on cases regarding the protection of personal interests, in the area of press law and broadly understood media law.

The experience gained is supplemented by appropriate knowledge and practice in assisting business entities in crisis situations caused by publicly raised charges undermining good reputation of the entity and its reliability.

Currently the profile of the law firm may be best described as general which is build on the existing expertise.

In the area of crisis (strategic) advice, the firm has appropriate experience in developing strategy and devising tactics in situations threaten good name and reputation of a company, responding to charges formulated in the press and other media and profiling recommended response to the threats.