Conducted cases



Making the list of cases on which the advocate works public is in each instance a form of advertising.

In the Bar the advertising of own activities is not accepted due to the unique nature of the attorney’s assistance: advocate’s efforts are intangible services and as such are not subject to strict measures. For such reason the advertising of advocates is prohibited (and in consequence is subject to disciplinary liability).

The advocate should be assessed not through the list of the cases he works on but only through the way in which he acts, through his involvement, talent and ingenuity in his efforts to win the case.

Demonstrating quality of the services by publishing the list of individuals and entities which entrusted their cases to the law firm would constitute an action aimed at gaining groundless confidence. Influencing the opinions about the law firm through the publication of the list of its clients and cases could be a dishonestly triggered reason for making a decision about entrusting the case to the law firm.

For such reasons the list of cases on which the Law Firm works is not published.