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In selected cases The Law Office provides advice free of charge (pro bono).

To obtain an advice you need to fill in the form.
I declare that the information given is true and that I am not using the assistance of another advocate in the presented case.

Terms and conditions of gratuitous advice:

1. It is the internal decision of the Law Firm whether the case qualifies for providing legal advice. The decision is made within 3 days.

2. In the presented cases where no reply was given within three days, repeated queries, reminders etc. will remain automatically unanswered and the sender’s address will be qualified by the software as a spam.

3. Stating untrue information by the sender automatically excludes the query as well as the requesting person from the gratuitous assistance program.

4. As the electronic format of the query is not accompanied by the taking up of the order by the Law Firm, no legal relationship of any nature is established between the sender of the query and the Law Firm which fact, among others, excludes legal liability.

5. Gratuitous advice is provided on a one-off basis. Further queries in the same matter will remain unanswered.

Sending a query is equivalent of the approval of the above terms and conditions.